YouTube Revanced launched as Vanced alternate, Is YouTube Revanced Safe?

YouTube ReVanced app launched to relaunch the Vanced services, here is all you need to know about ReVanced

Vanced is a popular youtube unofficial version who allow users to use premium services without any subscription plan with some extra facilities. But in March 2022, Vanced gone completely shut down by Google and stop working for new users.

YouTube ReVanced app

After 2 month later, now again a new Vanced alternate also known as youtube pro version available on internet as YouTube Revanced published by ReVanced Team. Who allow users to use pro features like youtube premium. But this app has a different logo if compared to Vanced. YouTube ReVanced completely looks like YouTube app, but only name is changed as Revanced.

Features of YouTube ReVanced

  • No ads.
  • Background play support.
  • Super Dark theme.
  • No root support 
  • Google login support using MicroG.
  • No need to uninstall original YouTube app.

If you already tried the Vanced app, then you will know that the Vanced app size is too small. But ReVanced apk size is approximately 150 MB. Also if you want to login with your Google account in ReVanced app, then you need to install MicroG app first with same login process like Vanced app. In current version of YouTube ReVanced there are no any upload video option added, so if you want to upload videos then you need to switch again on normal youtube app.

YouTube ReVanced Safe or Not?

Yes, youtube revanced is safe like Vanced app. Because you are login using MicroG. MicroG basically connect your google account to this ReVanced app, where you can find your recommendation, subscription etc. If you want to know how data stored for this types of app, then you can see full video below.

If you have a youtube channel, then I not recommend you to use ReVanced. Otherwise if you wants to use this app just for blocking ads or using other premium services, then you can definitely you it with you second or alternate Gmail account instead of original YouTube account. You can download Youtube ReVanced and MicroG from google.

Note that your favorite creator will unable to earn revenue from you, after you starts using this app. If you want to give the reward of their hard works, then try to avoid this types of third party apps.

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